We all know the saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch!” – but today all of us at 4imprint actually got a free lunch!  Last week, Carl our web chap entered us into a competition to win lunch for the whole team from the funky company Innocent – (I just love their marketing) – Innocent were promoting their new Veggie Pots and had thought up this really clever way to get people to try their product – and we were lucky enough to win.  But … and here’s the sad bit, after lunch, although everyone had enjoyed their meal (indian masala was VERY popular!) and the empty tubs (licked clean!) were in the bin they hadn’t left anyone any other lasting reminder of their brand.

Clearly we’re lucky folk working for 4imprint and being surrounded by fun promotional items every day, but I can’t help wondering if they missed a trick by not popping in a personalised item into their delivery boxes so the good vibe about their fab pots could have lasted long into the future  ….. for example the funky designs on the product labels would have looked amazing on a pen, mousemat or photo mug …. hmmm food for thought, perhaps it was just an innocent mistake, rather than a mistake by Innocent, what do you think …?


Carl and our lunch!