Cosmetics brand Avon is putting the quality of its products under the spotlight in its latest marketing campaign.

According to research by the company, nine out of ten people picked Avon products in blind tests when choosing which foundation to recommend to a friend.

The study also showed that eight in ten people would be happy to switch to its skin care products.

However, a key finding of the research was that many people are unaware how good Avon’s products are when compared with those from other brands.

As a result, the organisation has turned to famous beauty vloggers taking part in further blind tests for its latest advertising campaign.

Anthony Wells, Marketing Director at Avon, commented: “We wanted to bring to life the quality of our products in a fun and engaging way that broke all of the rules.

“We filmed their authentic reactions when using the products and how they felt when we revealed the products were from Avon.”

The adverts conclude with a tagline reading #makeupyourownmind, which fits into the company’s wider branding strategy.

Mr Wells said this is a reaction to the fact that many organisations in the beauty industry are “creating an unattainable ideal.”

“We encourage people to simply be their best,” he said. “Challenging people to make up their own minds is part of a broader long-term strategy, built on through social media.”

Mr Wells went on to state that Avon’s last TV campaign resembled many others in the sector and simply imitated other beauty brands.

This campaign has therefore been designed to be “the start of something new”, with a focus on “beauty for a purpose.”

“Women are faced with so many rules and the [beauty] industry doesn’t make it easy to live up to those rules,” Mr Wells added. “So our campaign is based around real people who make up their own rules.”

Avon moves away from ‘traditional beauty ads’ and plots to encourage social selling, Marketing Week