Marketers have been encouraged to adopt a gender-neutral approach to reaching their audience.

According to Kirsten Stagg, Head of UK Marketing at Skoda, marketers sometimes try “too hard to appeal to a certain group.”

“But the reality is the best advertising is gender-neutral,” she commented.

Ms Stagg was speaking after the launch of Skoda’s new ad campaign starring Sir Bradley Wiggins, which has placed emotionally led storytelling above functional marketing.

“Our new motto ‘Driven By Something Different’ runs throughout the business,” she said.

“We want to engage on more of an emotional and aspirational level with our advertising; it’s a real step change for us.”

Ms Stagg went on to note that Skoda had been the “butt of people’s jokes” when she first joined the company.

As a result, it had to work very hard to convince people of the quality of its cars.

However, Ms Stagg believes this is no longer an issue it has to contend with today – a change that can be attributed partly to successful brand marketing.

“People didn’t realise we made great quality cars back then, but universally people now realise we do,” she said.

“The new campaign represents how far we’ve come.”

‘The best advertising is gender neutral’ says Skoda as it talks up Sir Bradley Wiggins deal Marketing Week