Brand storytelling relies on a decent understanding of what a company is all about, an expert has argued.

According to Kathleen Hall, Corporate Vice-President of brand, advertising and research at Microsoft, brands can tell better stories “just by knowing themselves”.

“When you take it down to the core and essence of who you are and what you believe in, it makes for the best brand storytelling,” she commented.

Speaking at a panel event chaired by editor of The Drum Stephen Lepitak, Ms Hall also stressed that brands cannot stand out because of the virtues of their products alone.

Indeed, she said the differentiation is becoming increasingly dependent on how the organisations themselves are distinct from one another.

“What’s become more important is the ‘value system’ portrayed by brands to consumers,” Ms Hall said.

She went on to argue that while brands need to have a “fresh and unburdened perspective” they should try not to think too much and become too cautious.

“Spreading the word about what your brand stands for through authentic communications gives people something to buy into,” Ms Hall added.

Consumers expect the real deal – how can brands be authentic in championing a cause and where do they have permission to play? The Drum