Companies have been urged to target Christmas shoppers as early as possible.

According to online auction site eBay, consumers typically start looking for festive gifts in May and June, while the number of Christmas shoppers is set to soar now September has arrived.

The organisation has therefore advised brands to start tailoring their marketing activity for Christmas in order to take advantage of this trend.

Phuong Nguyen, head of eBay advertising in the UK, commented: “By observing online behaviour in the run-up to Christmas, brands can identify and differentiate between undecided Christmas ‘gifters’ and people who are shopping for themselves.”

Companies could also use this time to determine what might be the most successful way of engaging with festive shoppers at this time of year.

For instance, some could find TV and online ads a useful way of highlighting Christmas gifts, while others might find offering promotional items as part of a festive-themed a useful approach.

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Posted by Robin McCrink