Marketers have been urged to avoid overcomplicating their campaigns if they want to engage effectively with a target audience.

According to Jamie Sterry, Brand Activation Manager at drinks firm Innocent, many organisations are vying for the attention of young people in particular and trying to connect with them.

However, he insisted this does not always require a highly complex approach, as a simple strategy “is important and easier to execute against.”

“Try to be really honest and speak to consumers on a human level,” he commented.

“Our simple strategy is to help people live well, in the things we make and the things we do. That is a simple idea but the way we execute that is through personal human ways.”

Mr Sterry stressed that having a simple, honest and straightforward strategy is hugely important if brands wish to engage with young people, while he insisted this does not have to be boring.

Organisations were also urged to be authentic, as the “days of traditional loyalty programmes where you buy into a brand and you personally get rewards back to you” no longer exist.

Instead, he believes people want to be loyal to brands that are seen to “do a wider good and have a wider benefit.”

Mr Sterry said this means young people must know what a brand represents and the context of where it operates. Otherwise, he believes marketers will have “lost the battle already.”

He went on to dismiss the suggestion that young people are more fickle than their older counterparts.

Mr Sterry instead argued that it is hard to prove this notion, whereas it is easy to show that the way people consume content has changed in recent years and that attention spans have got shorter.

Brands shouldn’t associate a simple strategy with being boring, says Innocent Marketing Week