Brands must pick the right colour scheme if they are to attract the attention of consumers, an expert has advised.

According to Thomas Bosket, a colour science specialist at Parsons, The New School for Design, colour represents more than three-quarters of the market.

“If you walk into a store, they aim to get you with colour, because you are never going to entertain buying something unless it looks good colour-wise,” he commented.

Mr Bosket said colour is the “first association” for consumers and therefore plays a big part in “how we understand things”.

This, he stated, means brands will find it difficult to change the colour scheme on their branding if it is well-established and familiar.

Mr Bosket acknowledged that some organisations have rebranded successfully over the years, but said a large number have failed.

He added that in most cases, brands cannot be disassociated from their chosen colour scheme, because it generates associations on a physical and rudimentary level.

The comments came after Paula Rupolo, a graphic designer from Brazil, swapped the colours in various brand logos with those of direct competitors, such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, to demonstrate the importance of established colour schemes in brand association.

A blue Coca-Cola logo and Google written in purple? New illustrations prove how attached we are to big brands’ signature colors, Daily Mail

Posted by Robin McCrink