Brands using Instagram as a marketing platform have been advised to value comments more than clicks.

According to Heidi Myers, Director of Marketing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Meltwater, the number of likes for a photo is one of the main metrics that brand marketers will look at on social media.

However, she believes that since it is very easy for an internet user to hit the like button, much more importance should be attached to any comments they make.

“Comments take longer to write and require some thought, meaning whatever you have posted has sparked a reaction from those it’s reaching,” Ms Myers commented.

Brands have therefore been advised to think about the type of content they are posting and how best to get a response from people.

Ms Myers said various options are open to them, such as running an Instagram-based competition that asks users to comment or reshare content.

Alternatively, she believes moving images could be a good way to grab people’s attention and get them talking.

“Instagram’s introduction of video app Boomerang enables users to bring everyday moments to life,” Ms Myers stated.

“If you notice that the number of comments on your content begins to increase, you’ve successfully boosted your engagement.”

Ms Myers noted that almost 99 per cent of brand interactions via Instagram come in the form of likes, while comments account for just over one per cent.

She went on to suggest that brands time their Instagram posts carefully, as they must go up at times their target audience are most likely to be looking at their feed.

“An Instagram post typically has a lifetime of around four hours before it’s buried on a person’s feed, making them a lot less likely to see it at all,” Ms Myers said.

“By keeping track of your most engaged posts and the times they were published, you will begin to see a clear pattern of activity and pinpoint your audiences optimum time.”

Are you making the most of Instagram for marketing?