Brands could benefit from adopting a relatively straightforward approach to engaging with customers, new research suggests.

A study by global strategic branding specialist Siegel+Gale revealed three-quarters of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand if it offers simple communications and experiences.

Howard Belk, co-chief executive officer at the group, commented: “When consumers experience simplicity at every touchpoint, it inspires deeper trust and greater loyalty.”

He said people are willing to pay more in order to get the simplicity they crave, which means brands that implement a more straightforward approach “stand to gain more revenue”.

Discount supermarket retailer Aldi was rated as the top brand in the world when it comes to simplicity, ahead of Amazon and Google.

McDonald’s, KFC and Carrefour were also ranked highly, along with C&A, Samsung, Ikea and Pizza Hut.

David Srere, chief strategy officer at Siegel+Gale, added that if a brand has a “clear purpose”, it can help to foster a culture of innovation within a business, as employees will better understand and be committed to delivering its goals.

Siegel+Gale Releases Its Fourth Annual Global Brand Simplicity Index™, Demonstrates the Impact of Simplicity on Revenue, Brand Loyalty and Innovation, Siegel+Gale

Posted by Robin McCrink