Expressing a clear point of view creatively and articulately is very important if a brand wants to win the trust of customers, an expert has said.

According to Cindy Tervoort, UK Head of Marketing at Heineken, people tend to place more trust in the views of friends and communities than institutions or brands.

Furthermore, she pointed out that “we now live in a world with an abundance of choice.”

As a result, she believes brands must do more than push their own agenda if they wish to genuinely engage with prospective customers.

“People are fed up with brands that just want to land their own message,” Ms Tervoort commented.

“They want to identify with brands that they feel are worthy of an invitation into their world.”

This, she said, means a point of view that is clearly put across in a creative way with a strong narrative is “critical.”

Marketers were advised to ask themselves what their brand stands for and what they are actually giving to people before communicating with their target audience.

Ms Tervoort went on to say that Heineken has “strong brands that appeal to people” with its flagship beer inspiring its audience with its “Open your world” campaign.

Indeed, she said this initiative has encouraged people to “stretch beyond known boundaries, explore the world and opinions around you and truly experience life.”

Ms Tervoort added that at the same time, the campaign clearly expresses that there is no benefit from drinking to excess and that people should not consume alcohol before driving.

“It’s not perfect yet but we are exploring, learning and reinventing ourselves constantly in order to progress,” she said.

Heineken UK head of marketing: Trends happen in minutes, not years CampaignLive