As we approach the end of the year many companies distribute business gifts to their clients and staff. Organisations that are giving out corporate gifts to customers have been advised to think carefully about what items would be appropriate.

According to Leo Jakobson, executive editor of the US-based publication Incentives, “thoughtfulness is important” when picking what products should be issued as a goodwill gesture.

Speaking to Reuters, he said: “That can mean something that says you know the person.”

Brands should try to offer an item that suits both their audience and that ‘says something’ about their brand too. Businesses were also encouraged to be mindful of people’s personal sensibilities, such as by making sure none of the gifts are likely to conflict with their religious views.

Incentives magazine has identified desktop office accessories as particularly popular corporate gifts right now among businesses in the US.

Electronic items were also said to be a popular corporate gift at the moment, along with pens and gift cards.

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Posted by Robin McCrink