The US firm Double Cola has announced that its ‘Road to Refresh’ marketing campaign is set to get underway this month.

During the two weeks, the tour will cover more than 30 scheduled events in six US states as the company offers samples of the product to customers.

The events will be held at a mixture of supermarkets, community spaces and convenience shops.

The Road to Refresh campaign will further be promoted through the distribution of custom printed promotional items.

Alongside the tour, the marketing push will be supported by in-store advertising, word of mouth and social media throughout the two weeks.

Megan Hallar, Double Cola marketing coordinator, commented: “We are excited to make new fans in these areas, as well as interact with current brand enthusiasts. There’s no doubt we’ve got strong products. These markets just need more exposure.”

Double Cola takes off with Road to Refresh, BevNet

Posted by Robin McCrink