Eurostar is launching a new marketing campaign designed to make passengers feel inspired.

Instead of overtly promoting services and prices, Eurostar wants to talk up the benefits of travel and the experiences awaiting people who go overseas.

The company’s new ad shows travellers learning about their destination by interacting with locals rather than using their phones, with one person even managing to get a girl’s phone number in the process.

Guillemette Jacob, Head of Marketing and Brand at Eurostar, commented: “We are hoping to inspire people to open up their travel state of mind and remind them that when they embrace this attitude, the world is a more open, interesting and rewarding place.”

Eurostar’s TV advertisements are being supported by a social media-based campaign, with a Facebook canvas that allows users to explore pictures, videos and travel tips related to places it services.

Tim Nash, Founding Partner of Somesuch, the production company behind the ads, said the commercials reach “a bit deeper” than previous ones.

“Eurostar is seen as quite a functional brand, but we wanted to give them something they could own emotionally, an idea and philosophy about travel,” he stated.

Eurostar encourages ‘travel state of mind’ in New Wave-style ad¬†Campaign