Marketers in the fast-moving consumer goods sector have been encouraged to use the mobile channel more heavily to target consumers.

According to research by IRI, one in three British shoppers use their smartphones in store to find information on promotions and offers that will help them reduce the cost of their grocery shop.

Some 17 per cent of these are using their handsets to find promotions, while ten per cent are looking for information on digital coupons.

Furthermore, ten per cent are actively using digital coupons in-store to get money off their purchases.

Figures also showed that 80 per cent of British shoppers prepare a list to help them find savings, with one in ten doing this on their smartphone.

As a result, IRI believes retail marketers should exploit the potential that smartphones have to communicate deals to shoppers.

“There is clearly an opportunity for them to use mobile advertising and promotions while shoppers are in list prepping mode, as well as when they are in store.,” said Livio Martucci, Director at IRI and analyst of the survey.

He went on to note that there is ‘clear evidence’ that shoppers are carefully planning what they buy in order to save money, as well as make sure they are buying healthier food options.

Indeed, he said IRI’s research found many shoppers are turning to their smartphones to find out whether certain products meet various criteria, such as whether they are vegan-friendly or gluten-free.

“Concern about food provenance is clearly of key importance for infoseekers,” Mr Martucci observed.

He added that many smartphone users are also looking to reduce waste and actively considering environmental issues when they are doing their grocery shopping.

Shoppers Becoming Digital ‘Infoseekers’ To Save Money On Their Grocery Shop KamCity