Halifax has turned to famous teen vloggers in an effort to get young people thinking about their finances.

The bank has uploaded a series of videos starring YouTube stars Ambi, Evie and Oscar, which are designed to help 11 to 15-year-olds learn about key aspects of financial management and staying safe online.

A further video has been produced for parents to encourage them to play a part in educating children about handling money.

Adjust Your Set, the agency behind the campaign, believes Halifax has made a “bold but smart move” by turning to vloggers.

Doug Hurcombe, Creative Director of the group, said this is because it is a recognition that content based on a genuine audience truth, rather than above-the-line marketing, is “the best way to engage young people”.

“Interruptive advertising and traditional channels simply won’t reach teenagers,” he commented.

“With such a visionary commitment to content, Halifax is showing how the banking sector can follow a publisher model.”

Halifax enlists teen YouTube trio to teach financial tips, The Drum