A brand logo can be a company’s calling card and can help to unify a firm’s image in the minds of consumers, but new research has revealed it may be harder than many businesses realise to effectively break into the public consciousness.

This might come as a surprise to many people, but even the biggest and most recognised brand logos in the world can be difficult for individuals to remember when it comes down to it.

A study carried out by researchers from the University of California and reported by the Daily Mail focused on IT giant Apple and its popular logo – an apple with a bite taken out of the side.

The study’s participants were first asked to draw the Apple logo without any reminder of what it should look like, they were also asked to score their own level of confidence that they had got the logo right.

Overall, just one in 85 of those┬átaking part were able to correctly recall and draw the image. Prior to taking the test, most people agreed that the Apple logo was “highly memorable”, although this sentiment was not borne out in the results.

The next step of the research was to show participants a set of 12 similarly-styled Apple logos, but only one of which was actually correct. They were asked to pinpoint which was the real one.

In this case, fewer than half were able to identify the unaltered Apple brand logo.

Explaining their results, the research team wrote: “Memory is often tuned towards remembering gist-based schematic information, which means details can be quickly forgotten.”

Ultimately, the study showed that while a logo can be an exceptional tool when it comes to helping a brand to distinguishing itself from its competitors, businesses need to remember that due to the way the typical person’s brain is wired, the messages that a company sends and the products it delivers can have far more lasting consumer resonance.

Posted by Robin McCrink

Can YOU spot the correct Apple logo? We’ve all seen it countless times – yet fewer than half the people asked to look at this graphic got it right, Daily Mail