Brands have been encouraged to learn from popular news providers when it comes to reaching their target audience.

According to Sam Wise, Head of  Planning at Saatchi & Saatchi, newsbrand content is particularly compelling as it is relevant to society and imparted by people with honed storytelling skills.

Furthermore, he said news providers are often highly trusted by their readers.

As a result, Mr Wise believes marketers could learn lessons from news organisations when it comes to attracting and maintaining the interest of readers.

“People are making choices all the time when they’re reading news,” he observed.

[…Unless you have plenty of time to spare] …you’re not reading cover-to-cover. The news itself is so compelling that the marketing suffers by comparison.”

Mr Wise therefore believes marketers could benefit from trying to make their content more like the news by producing campaigns that are more topical and immediate.

He highlighted Oreo’s eclipse cover wrap on The Sun newspaper two years as a particularly good example of a brand taking a current event and using it to push its brand in an eye-catching way.

Make marketing like the news, urges Saatchis’ head of planning, Campaign