Delivering compelling content is becoming increasingly important to marketers, an expert believes.

According to Bevan Thomas, Commercial Director of video marketplace Newsflare, marketers are moving away from a campaign-based approach and seeing themselves as publishers instead.

This, he said, is a “big and interesting shift” and a technique which gives brands an opportunity to “go direct to an audience”.

However, Mr Thomas stressed that in order to yield results with this approach, marketers must “think like a publisher and create great compelling, immersive, interesting content to hold an audience”.

“You need to encourage more people to be thinking about the content they are producing,” he observed.

Mr Thomas was speaking in the run-up to The Drum Content Awards, which takes place on November 7th.

He noted that advertising has traditionally been a “very awards driven” industry, which means events such as The Drum Content Awards are needed to “encourage their creativity”.

Andrew Canter, Chief Executive officer of BCMA, is one of the judges at the awards and believes the quality has “improved tremendously” over the last few years.

“It’s the rate of growth and interest in branded content which is driving it forward where it pushes people to be more creative and think more about strategy rather than just more tactical, experiential or PR driven ideas,” he commented.

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