Many UK marketers are using print media in order to drive interest to their digital content, according to a report.

Charterhouse found that nearly three quarters of marketers (70 per cent) use print to get audiences interested in additional digital content; however, more than a fifth admit that their print and digital strategies could be better aligned.

For the majority (83 per cent) a URL is the most commonly used feature.

More sophisticated tools such as QR codes and augmented reality are used less frequently, at 26 per cent and five per cent respectively.

Promotional items can easily complement print-digital campaigns – think about using promotional pens with your website address on, distributed alongside a brochure.

“QR codes and other emerging technologies hold a lot of potential for some really innovative marketing. But marketers mustn't think these technologies are the route to instant engagement,” said Ivan Skoric, head of digital services at Charterhouse.

The key objective for using print media cited by more than 60 per cent of marketers is to increase traffic to a brand's website. Just two per cent use it to attract traffic to social media-related content.

Mr Skoric added: “The objective of linking print and digital should be to engage audiences with sticky online content as part of a broader experience.”

Posted by Robin McCrink