Prominent faces on the internet have been hired by food brand McCain to take part in its latest promotional push.

The company is spending £6 million on a multi-million-pound campaign that takes in platforms ranging from outdoor advertising and social media to ads in print publications and television commercials. The aim is to promote its range of packet frozen roast potatoes and persuade consumers they are the best alternative to the homemade alternative.

As part of this marketing drive, McCain has invited online influencers including food bloggers and vloggers to attend a pop-up roast potato tasting experience. Since they have huge online followings and are highly trusted by their audiences, McCain believes they could be the perfect advocates for its brand and products.

The organisation hopes this multimedia approach will lead to an additional 15 per cent of households in the UK purchasing McCain foods.j

Mark Hodge, Marketing Director at McCain, commented: “Until now, there hasn’t been a frozen roast potato that can rival mum’s homemade roasts. The frozen alternative has always been too much of a compromise – dry and uniform in shape, and not something that mums were proud to serve, so it’s no surprise that the majority of roast potatoes served in the home are still homemade. We’re confident that once tried, mums will agree this roastie deserves a place at their Sunday table.”

Mr Hodge went on to reveal that the campaign is partly a reaction to moves by major supermarkets to pull leading brands from their shelves. For instance, Tesco has responded to competition from the likes of Lidl and Aldi by streamlining its product offering and removing brands including Capri-Sun and Ribena from its shelves.

Mr Hodge insisted that McCain is not concerned that it might be next in line to be pulled by the major supermarkets. However, he said recent developments have given established brands an added impetus to invest in both marketing and product innovation so they remain relevant to consumers.

“[Supermarkets] want big activity like this where brands are getting behind them in a big way and can see show it can grow increment to the category,” Mr Hodge added.

McCain’s marketing boss on taking on Aunt Bessie with £6m campaign, The Drum