Nescafe has moved its online content on to Tumblr in an effort to better engage with younger audiences.

The platform will give fans of the coffee brand a chance to share all sorts of content related to their favourite drink, such as videos, GIFs and images.

Nescafe will also use it to open two-way conversations with customers, so it can tap into their ideas on areas such as what products they would like to see in the future.

Michael Chrisment, Head of Global Integrated Marketing, Digital and Media at Nescafe, noted that Tumblr is traditionally a blog platform and therefore “very much tied to co-creation and user-generated content”.

This, he said, is the main reason it is moving there, while its higher organic reach among millennials is also a factor.

“Our customers expect us to share more and be more open, which is something we want to respond to,” he commented.

Mr Chrisment also pointed out that Tumblr could support Nescafe’s efforts to get more people purchasing its products online.

“Our objective is to have an online market share that is the offline equivalent or higher,” he commented. “Tumblr will set us apart from our competitors in that respect.”

Mr Chrisment added the content on Tumblr will be fresher and more up to date than the material on other platforms.

This, he said, will help the Nescafe name secure better rankings in results pages on search engines such as Google.

Nescafé goes after millennials as it becomes first global brand to move online presence to Tumblr, Marketing Week