The influence of newer generations is driving fundamental changes in the B2B marketing sphere, an expert believes.

According to Christoph Becker, Chief Executive and Chief Creative Officer at marketing agency Gyro, emotions are increasingly influencing big decisions at many firms.

Indeed, he said research has proved that nearly two-thirds of business interactions and decisions are “coming from the gut.”

As a result, Mr Becker believes companies must recognise this when they are trying to engage with existing and prospective business partners.

“The human relevance day in and day out of your company matters more today in marketing,” he commented. 

Mr Becker said this means the line between B2B and B2C marketing is fast disappearing, with newer generations “impacting that enormously as they are more tuned in to this completely new space.”

“I can say that today in B2B marketing no one really wants that distinction between B2C and B2B to be easily recognisable,” he remarked.

Mr Becker cited the example of a company selling unglamorous products such as drywall and the marketing agency it works with keeping its promotional material “cold or boring or complex.”

This, he stated, “attests more to the arrogance of the agency you work with” as it is still possible to take an underwhelming subject and have fun with it so it has an impact.

“The DNA of a company has never been more important,” Mr Becker observed. “A company today cannot hide behind products anymore because there is now a glass door between the product and the company and the individual.”

Mr Becker went on to stress that while traditional marketing is “not dead” much of what his organisation does today is “led by the new generation” and reflects the fact that the mindset and approach taken by customers is becoming more layered.

‘It’s key to stay focused on emotion in B2B marketing’: A conversation with Christoph Becker The Drum