The NSPCC is changing tack with its marketing strategy to put across a more uplifting message.

Whereas the charity used to rely on shock tactics to make an impact, it now wants to send out a more hopeful message, so people feel inspired into feeling they can actually help end child cruelty.

The NSPCC is showcasing its new approach in a TV advertisement that depicts a young boy who has experienced physical abuse at home, but is now hopefully dreaming of becoming an astronaut after getting help from the organisation.

Tessa Herbert, Head of Marketing at the NSPCC, commented: “We want to make sure people understand the difference their support can make. Weaved in there is the crucial message that abuse gets in the way of those dreams and that the work the NSPCC is doing really works to prevent that from happening.”

The TV advertisement will tie in with a related campaign on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as search engines and news outlets such as the MailOnline.

“As an organisation we recognise the importance of digital marketing and also invest heavily in our owned platforms to make sure they are world-class,” Ms Herbert said.

She went on to reveal that the charity’s new positive message is opening up opportunities to partner with other organisations.

The NSPCC has already collaborated recently with mobile operator O2 to highlight to parents and children the risks they can encounter on the internet.

NSPCC’s move to positive marketing is making it more appealing to brand partners, The Drum