Individuals like to use their own personalised mugs when having a hot drink.

People can develop an attachment with their own piece of ceramic, so much so that some cannot bear to be without it.

Speaking to the Calgary Herald, pottery expert Sheila Shaw said that it took her some time to perfect the creation of an option that was “pleasant to hold”, adding the ideal mug is a “matter of taste”.

Because of this, businesses could find that personalised mugs work as a perfect corporate gift, as it means people will get their hands on something truly special that is also practical.

Indeed, American essayist Valerie Tripp told the paper that individuals become attached to objects because of the “emotions they allude to and elicit”.

She added the reliability offered by such an item is one of the primary reasons that people think so highly of it.

If you love your mug, you're not alone, the Calgary Herald

Posted by Robin McCrink