Retailers have been encouraged to incorporate technology into their efforts to drive customer loyalty.

According to Andrew Smith, co-founder and chief technology officer at CloudZync, the retail sector thinks of customer loyalty “in a very traditional sense”.

This, he said, means it tends to take steps such as offer special deals to customers and track purchases with physical cards.

Mr Smith acknowledged that these approaches “still have their place and are not quite dead yet”, but insisted firms must start responding to the surge in smartphone usage over the last few years.

“Retailers that don’t embrace smartphones and tablets as part of their loyalty schemes risk being left behind,” he commented.

Mr Smith noted that tech-savvy businesses have recognised the opportunities offered by these devices and are using them to engage with the public in new ways.

He added that smartphones can be used by retailers to improve consumers’ brand experiences and to establish more personal relationships with people.

Retailers need to get smart when it comes to loyalty, Fourth Source

Posted by Robin McCrink