A number of leading soft drink brands have agreed to sign up to new guidelines about sugar and calorie content in their products.

Lucozade, Ribena and J20 are among the firms who are backing the Responsibility Deal's calorie reduction pledge as the UK government seeks to reduce obesity levels in the country.

In order to spread awareness of the measure, the groups may want to produce promotional merchandise.

For example, branded mugs could be distributed by the companies so that people are made aware of the need to reduce their consumption of calories and sugar.

Public health minister Anna Soubry noted Britons need to collectively reduce their calorie intake by five million a day if they want to become healthier.

“We are encouraged by the extra businesses which have signed up today, but I want to see even more progress. All in the food industry have a part to play,” she added.

Sugar and calories reduced in soft drinks, the Department of Health

Posted by Robin McCrink