Starbucks is looking to push the message that it offers coffee of the highest quality.

According to Scott Maw, Chief Financial Officer at the company, the ubiquity of its brand across the globe means it is no longer a byword for quality coffee.

This, he said, means many customers are increasingly being drawn to independent coffee shops that are doing what it has excelled at for many years.

Starbucks is therefore looking to push its Starbucks Reserve brand more heavily in the coming months.

These are variations on its typical coffee shops that offer more exotic blends, food and table service.

“It would be easy for people to forget that we still source, roast and deliver the highest quality coffee you can get anywhere in the world,” Mr Maw commented.

“Your local coffee shop is as good as you can get, but for customers they might not associate that with Starbucks because we’re everywhere.”

Mr Maw said the Starbucks Reserve brand therefore offers an opportunity to remind people of the quality of its offering.

“When we get our service right, no one can touch us,” he added.

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