Promotional products for businesses do not solely have to be given to clients and potential customers in order to make an impact.

Companies which team up with a good cause or charity and provide promotional merchandise which is useful to them can help to ease the burden for less fortunate people.

A good example of this has been the actions taken by Citizens Bank in Rhode Island in the US, who have helped to get children prepared for school.

They supplied 15,000 promotional backpacks for schoolchildren and set up collection points in branches of the bank to collect items to fill them.

Going back to school is a costly time for parents and it can be difficult if they cannot afford to kit their children out with everything they need.

By getting involved with the Gear for Grades programme in conjunction with the YMCA, the bank has helped to ease some of the burden.

Giving the items that are needed directly to those who will use them is a great way for organisations to contribute to the community.

But this is not the only way that companies can help out worthwhile causes through promotional products.

Forming partnerships can be very useful for charities as it is often awareness that they are trying to achieve and by teaming up with a much bigger organisation they will be able to get their message across to more people.

Just having the charity’s logo on promotional clothing worn by employees will help to recognise the work that they do.

Simple changes such as these can help smaller worthwhile causes utilise the reputation of big organisations to their advantage.

Items such as promotional pens are common in our society, but for some people the chance to go to school is dependent on receiving such items.

Sending such tools to parts of the world where they are not so common is another way in which large organisations can help to make a difference.

Working with charities can be a mutually beneficial arrangement for all those involved, as the businesses can get a lot of positives out of it too.

This could be in the form of a child recognising the logo which was on their backpack and deciding that they want to work for that firm in the future.

It might be that potential customers and clients realise that the company has good ethical standing as it contributes to the surrounding community and those in need.

However it is achieved, partnerships with companies and charities can be very rewarding.

Citizens Bank Gives Out Backpacks at YMCA, Narragansett-SouthKingstownPatch