When charities experience tough periods it is common for them to turn to direct mail marketing as a way of drumming up support, it has been claimed.

A study by AccurateLeads highlighted that donations to many charities dropped off when people's finances started to be squeezed, however, there are still ways organisations can drum up support for their various causes.

One way it suggested was to only target donors with the highest probability of donating, while it also recommended that charities send out more information about what exactly it is they do and what they will be using the money for.

“Based on previous mailings the best outcome seems to stem from linking donations to results in the message. For example, Food for the Poor advertises that just $36 feeds a child for a year which is a very result oriented piece of information,” the company stated.

One way for charities to get donors to remember them is to include a promotional gift with any mail communications. A promotional pen or keyring is likely to help people remember a charity's message for longer.

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Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield