It may seem like everything, including firms' marketing budgets, is moving online, but in reality direct marketing remains a priority for many firms, according to recent research.

A study by the Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization (PRIMIR) found that direct marketing's share of ad spend has increased over the past decade, accounting for almost a third of companies' budgets in 2009.

And it is not just online direct marketing methods that firms favour, with PRIMIR's research highlighting that direct mail volumes rose over 2010, a trend which marketing professional feel is likely to continue.

The study also noted that marketers are likely to stick with direct mail as it is easy to target effectively and measure deliverability.

In order to make their direct mail marketing efforts even more effective, marketers may wish to include promotional gifts along with their communications.

A promotional pen is easy to slip into an envelope with a leaflet or letter and can go a long way to helping customers remember a brand.

1 Primir announces direct marketing study, April 29th

Posted by Robin McCrink