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Are you keen to establish yourself as an eco-friendly organisation and show off your green credentials? If so, it’s worth remembering that this can only truly happen if your whole team buys into your philosophy. After all, every aspect of your business must practise what it preaches, or else your environmental stance simply won’t be credible – and that could reflect badly on your company and brand as a whole. So what can you do to encourage your team to embrace this way of thinking and consider the environment during each and every working day?

Make gradual changes
Human nature makes us all fear change that happens overnight. So the best way to create a culture that people genuinely believe in and feel part of is to introduce it gradually, so it becomes second nature over time. So roll out small green initiatives, such as encouraging everyone to turn off lights in empty rooms and not leave unused appliances (such as monitors and printers) on stand-by, one at a time, have stickers printed with reminders and display them around your offices, store rooms, and communal areas such as the toilets and break out areas.

Explain you are introducing green policies
When you implement new measures to help the environment, tell your team why you are doing this and outline the tangible benefits they will create. It’ll help them fully understand your reasoning and the advantages of adopting a greener way of life, so they can practise it both at work and at home. Give out mugs that are suitable to use with your vending machine and water bottles so everyone can reuse both rather than use disposable cups.

Don’t be dictatorial
Who likes being told what to do? Don’t just impose new rules as this may imply your colleagues have been doing something wrong. Show you’re all in it together and that you’re willing to lead from the front on creating a greener culture in your premises.

Reward the greenest members of staff
The idea of rewarding the greenest members of staff can be persuasive! Everyone loves praise and additional incentives are always well received! After you’ve introduced an eco-friendly measure, take steps to actively monitor the levels of engagement. You can then find out who is really getting behind your green policies and reward them accordingly. A reward could take many forms, perhaps continue the green theme and give garden centre or National Trust vouchers, or keep to the reusable theme and give cotton bags or sports bottles – it’s entirely up to you!

Keep reminding everyone about green policies
It’s easy to announce something but then forget to mention it again, and as a result details get forgotten. So make sure your colleagues know your business’s efforts to go green are an ongoing process, put up posters or have a printed roller banner in the office and send email updates on the results of your green measures thus far. For instance, how much money have you saved by adopting a more eco-friendly stance? Say how the savings have been reinvested (could you consider a bike shed or shower room?) If everyone can see their efforts are generating tangible results it’s likely they’ll be spurred on to do even more!

If you want to market your organisation as a progressive and eco-aware brand, getting your team to buy in to a green philosophy is absolutely essential. Indeed, working to ensure staff are actively trying to minimise their environmental impact means any future statements you make on your green credentials are credible and grounded in fact.


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