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If you feel appreciated at work it’s likely you’ll give it your all!Contented workers make great employees. However, a survey highlights a gap that exists between how managers and employees perceive company recognition efforts. While 56% of senior management surveyed felt their company was above average at appreciation, only 23% of staff shared that sentiment.

(1) 49% of employees said they would leave their current job for a company that recognised its employees for their efforts and contributions.

(2) For most departments and organisations this is an enormous waste of skills, time and money – as you then need to go through recruitment and training processes again and again. So, ensure that your employees are recognised and appreciated at your workplace.

Professional goal achievement
Wins happen all the time so it’s worth considering a thoughtful approach to providing special recognition when an employee reaches a professional goal such as gaining a promotion or a qualification. It motivates staff to set professional development plans and provides you, the employer, with a culture of constant improvement – a ‘win-win.’

Here are a few ideas to help your organisation to recognise and celebrate successes:

  • For a promotion, dress their desk with balloons and hang a ‘Well Done’ banner in the office, you could also treat the whole team to a pizza lunch to let that employee know they are valued.
  • Employees who add to their skill sets should also be acknowledged to encourage a culture of learning and growth. How about giving them a smart Parker Pen that will remind them that you appreciate them every time they use it.
  • Staff that go to college or night school and add relevant qualifications to their CV deserve a special ‘Well Done’ – a crystal award engraved with their name and achievement may be appropriate in these special circumstances.

Project completion
Remember to recognise teams as well. Their hard work and effort are almost certainly the thing that makes the difference for your organisation.

  • For projects completed on budget and on time, grab 5 minutes to thank the team as a whole and then say ‘thank you’ individually and present each member of the team a box of chocolates.
  • Keep the energy and excitement strong for long-term projects. Make sure you take the time to celebrate key milestones to keep up momentum.
  • Send an email to ‘All Users’ to thank and appreciate the team’s efforts and remember to identify each person’s role and achievements.

Additional responsibilities
Those on your team that go ‘above and beyond’ by taking on additional responsibilities should also be thanked publicly. Whether they are mentoring, putting in more hours or leading a project, these members of staff will appreciate the extra attention.

Recognition isn’t hard… but sadly it is sometimes overlooked. If you adopt it into your department’s culture and make a point of actively encouraging staff to appreciate and reward each other, their attitudes, motivation and productivity will undoubtedly increase!
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