Why are brand characters so effective in marketing?

Brand Characters - Blue Paper All sorts of organisations have created fictional characters to represent their brand in everything from TV commercials and print advertisements to online videos and outdoor billboards.They often make an impact because they are larger than life and eccentric, so they cement a company’s name in the public consciousness and become a part of popular culture.
Indeed, some are so ubiquitous that even those who don’t transact with the brands behind them end up knowing who these characters are and what they represent.Look at how comparethemarket.com has become a leader in its sector partly on the strength of its animated meerkats campaign, or how everyone can tell you what Cillit Bang does because of its ads with the loud and brash Barry Scott.Perhaps one of the key advantages of brand characters is the fact they encourage visual recall and can be recognised even if a consumer doesn’t take in a single word that is being said.Furthermore, they can drum up interest in brands that operate in low interest categories. For instance, Comparethemarket.com and Cillit Bang don’t exactly operate in glamorous or eye-wateringly exciting sectors, yet they have still become popular household names with a loyal audience.Brand characters have the added benefit of being effective across various platforms. As a result, many firms have been able to retain easily identifiable aspects of their past and combine them with the latest tactics, such as using long-established brand characters in exclusive online videos to support their wider storytelling strategies.Promotional products retailer 4imprint has produced a new Blue Paper – “Why are brand characters so effective in marketing?” – which looks at this technique in more detail and discusses how it could be a viable approach for small and medium-sized businesses.

By looking at notable success stories, such as Cillit Bang, Churchill and Birds Eye, smaller firms can start thinking about what steps they need to take to develop an equally memorable character who can represent their brand.