A Beginners Guide to Big Data - Blue Paper Grow your business with PinterestMany brands have rushed to include social media in their marketing mix in the last few years, with businesses in all sorts of industries building a presence on Facebook and Twitter, for instance.But many are also turning to Pinterest as a marketing tool, as it is seen as the perfect way to showcase the visual aspects of a brand.
Companies that are active in sectors such as food, fashion and interior design have therefore found it a great tool to engage with their audience and drive traffic to their site.According to the latest figures from Semiocast, 70 million users were registered on Pinterest as of June 2013. The US has the largest number of registered users, followed by Canada, but the UK is ranked in third place, ahead of major economies like Australia, Germany and France.More than two million Britons were registered on Pinterest by June last year, so it is clear the platform offers a considerable potential audience for firms to target.And since users of Pinterest are on the lookout for largely visual content, rather than lots of written information, brands that have something unique and memorable to present can really make a positive impression through this site.

But it’s worth pointing out that some firms that could benefit might not necessarily be familiar with Pinterest, and those who are might be reluctant to put resources towards yet another social media platform.

Promotional products retailer 4imprint has therefore made a new Blue Paper available – “Grow your Business with Pinterest” – that outlines exactly how the site could be an effective marketing tool for small and medium-sized enterprises.

By flagging up notable success stories such as L’Oreal, Sony Electronics and IKEA, each of which have seen great results from using Pinterest, smaller firms might be inspired to embrace the platform themselves and use it to raise awareness of their brand.