… we’ve all been there, either as students or at work … but did you know the term ‘brainstorming’ dates back over 70 years? It was in the 1940s an American guy Alex Osborn, who worked in the advertising sector, believed anyone could learn to generate creative solutions for a wide variety of problems. And did you know, to this day, it’s still the most widely used tool to stimulate creative thinking!

Our new Blue Paper, Brainstorming to Success explores the holistic practice of brainstorming. The Paper looks at why brainstorming remains such a popular method, despite flaws that have been identified over the years. We consider some of the common pitfalls and highlight the thoughts of those who believe the technique needs to be brought up to date.

So next time you want to gather thoughts from your team, book yourselves a collaborative space and invite them to come armed with plenty of enthusiasm (and of course, Sticky Notes!)