How can you rebrand your organisation successfully?

In an innovative and fast-moving sector, firms that stand still can risk getting left behind. Those that wish to broaden their appeal, reinforce a key message, adopt a new business strategy or maybe even restore customer trust could therefore find that rebranding is the best option.

But refreshing your corporate identity so it accurately reflects your brand is no small task and many issues need to be considered. For example, is rebranding affordable, relevant and desirable to customers and stakeholders – and does it make the best use of the brand equity you already possess?

Promotional products retailer 4imprint has produced a new Blue Paper – Rebranding for Success – that examines the subject in depth, drawing on expert views and specific case studies to help you answer these questions.

Examples such as Virgin Money’s purchase of Northern Rock and Thomson’s transition into TUI offer two very different instances of why a rebranding exercise took place – and how it can be done successfully. At the same time, the Post Office Group’s ill-fated switch to Consignia highlights exactly what can go wrong and why this can happen.

What must you think about if you believe your corporate identity no longer reflects your organisation effectively? At what point does a rebranding exercise become necessary? And what risks might you face along the way?

By weighing up successes and failures from the recent past, the Blue Paper offers valuable advice if you want to refresh your brand’s image so you can get the best results straight away.