Sometimes companies just do what everyone else does, perhaps because it’s easier, perhaps because they are nervous – but that isn’t 4imprint at all (another reason I love working here!)

A couple of years back we introduced GLIDE – the standard promotional industry pricing ‘thing’ is that prices go in set groups – 25, 50, 100 or 250, 500, 1000 etc – but we know if you want to buy 75 items – you don’t want to pay the same unit cost as 50 items – so our GLIDE pricing model will work out an ‘in between’ unit price for you – simple, brilliant!

The reason for this post today is to announce another change we’re about to make – from January we’re breaking another industry norm – this time it’s based around embroidered clothing.  The industry norm is that prices are based on 5000 stitches. Customer feedback has told us that this is sometimes a little confusing and (sometimes frustrating) when you learn your design is greater than 5000 stitches and it’ll therefore cost more.  From January – all our embroidered garments will be priced with embroidery included – no complicated stitch count required, in a nutshell,  if your logo fits within our 2 generous personalisation areas the price displayed is the price you’ll pay – easy!

Choose either of these personalisation areas –