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Last time I talked about Antibac coated promotional products, debossing and more… today, I start with ‘F’ in my A to Z of Promo series…

F is for Fitness.

Going back 6 or 7 (actually, maybe even 8 or 9 years) ago we’d get orders day in, day out for Pedometers, however as Tech moved on and we all began to have phones or watches with in-built step counters demand naturally fell away. We do still have a few Step Counters & Fitness Watches in the range, but today we see our Fitness category containing items like Bike Accessories (including the wonderfully named TringTring Bicycle Bell), Exercise Equipment as well as handy and practical Sports Towels.

Tringtring Bicycle Bell

G and H are for Garden & Home.

I love this category, I love that we offer products for the office and beyond. Seeds have become very popular in the last 12 months, and one item that transcends work / home life is the 2 in 1 Sprout Pencil. Exactly as it sounds, it’s a both pencil, with seeds too! Choose from a lengthy list of herb, flower or vegetable seed types, plant them, water and wait (whilst writing your to-do list with the pencil!)

Sprout™ Pencil
I is for Ink.

Ink, takes me back to Pens (insert that emoji with hearts for eyes!) For sure, most pens come with black ink, that said, we have many Multi-Ink Colour Pens and also offer the shapely Contour Pen with a choice of ink colours, so if purple is their thing, you can get right in there!

BIC® 4 Colour Glace Pen
J is for Jelly Beans.

Yum! Enough said?! We love ’em and so do our customers! They’re available in a range of mixed colours, there’s a choice of packaging options from tiny bags, to our exclusive size mini pouch to larger pots, tins and boxes. Plus, if you’d like a specific colour / flavour you can choose from 13 colours/flavours to best suit your requirements.

4imprint Sweet Pouch - Mixed Gourmet Jelly Beans
K is for Kitchen.

I mentioned Home and Garden a moment ago, here I touch exclusively on Kitchen. We have plenty of Bottle Openers (whether stand-alone or on a Keyring, and there’s even one that’s in-built into a Coaster!) plus we can print your logo onto practical ideas for the Kitchen such as Measuring Scoops, Tea Towels and more!

Bottle Opener Coaster