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Last time I talked about Ink, Kitchens and Jelly Beans …. today, I start with ‘L’ in my A to Z of Promo series…


L is for LED

You can light their way (and your logo) with an LED light! Whether you’re looking for a style on a keyring or want more of a torch for the home, their glovebox or shed – we can help light up your brand.
LED Metal Torch
M is for Markers
We can add your logo to a Permanent Marker or Whiteboard Marker and help you make your MARK. BIC offer styles of both types, you can also team your brand with classic Sharpie too!
BICĀ® Mark-it Permanent Marker
N is for Notebooks
Wow – where do I start? We have a Notebook for every need, desire and budget! Shop by Brand (such as Moleskine), Colour or Size! We have styles with plain, lined or graph paper sheets. You can have a Wiro-Bound Notebook with a full-colour design to the cover, you can have a notebook teamed with a matching pen! Whatever you’re after we can help!
Moleskine Classic Notebook - Debossed
O is for Only at 4imprint
We’re delighted to offer a range of promotional items that are Exclusive to 4imprint. We’re also delighted to have created many designs that we can use alongside your logo and contact details. A couple of my faves are the To-Do Notepads (as any colour is possible and they’re super handy) as well as the I Love and I Belong To collections created by our Designer Sam.
Organza Bag - 8 Chocolate Coins
P is for Printing
Printing, it’s our bread and butter, we know it like the back of our hand. There are tons of printing techniques (probably enough for another A to Z blog) with methods such as full-colour digital, wrap-around 360 degree printing developing all the time.

P is also for Pantone
the ‘God of Colour’ whose reference numbers are the colour codes we use to match your logo colour to the ink we use to print your promotional items. Just as the team can rattle off the 6 digit product codes for our best-sellers our Creatives are just as quick selecting their Blue 072, Red 186 or Red 485s!

Lucas Sports Bottle with Straw - Full Colour
Q is for Quick.
We offer a range of ideas that can be printed or engraved quickly in our Express range. Just let us know when you need your order by and we’ll help select an Express product to best suit your logo, budget and deadline.
Curvy Pen - Colours - Full Colour - 1 Day
R is for RPET
To start, we need to mention Polyethylene Terephthalate which is more commonly known as PET and is one of the most common plastics used to produce packaging such as bottles. PET is easily recyclable and the recycled material it produces is referred to as Recycled-PET (RPET). More and more items are now being manufactured using this recycled material. To highlight this we see references and product labels showing a water bottle outline with RPET written alongside.
Oriole RPET Drawstring Bag