With pancake day now over some people will be giving up things for Lent.  Joanna (our Sales Manager) often gives up chocolate (or sometimes fast food!) and always ‘perseveres’ with her commitment until Easter. (I’m not making any promises and actually Lent reminds me more of one of my favourite Father Ted episodes!)

The shops have been full of easter eggs for ages; so now Lent is underway I feel it’s ok to highlight our fab chocolate treats that can be personalised with your logo and details.

The great thing about chocolate is that even just a small gesture; such as these mini foil wrapped chocolate eggs will be appreciated just as much as a larger boxed easter egg.  So whatever your budget; we’ll find the right promotional item for you; we also have cute Easter themed stress shapes; teddy bears, cuddly rabbits and much more, if you have a moment, have a look at our Easter store for more great ideas.