A leading cancer charity has revealed its plans to boost marketing activity in the run-up to the UK general election in May.

Prospective governments’ policies on cancer treatment are often a prominent factor when putting together their plans for healthcare, meaning the support of well-known charities can be very persuasive for party leaders.

With the door wide open in terms of who will gain power later this year, it is therefore unsurprising that Macmillan is trying to use this uncertainty for the greater good – attempting to influence politicians to spend more on cancer treatment and taking their right approach when it comes to helping those who suffer from the disease.

The campaign that Macmillan is running is known as Nobody Should Face Cancer Alone and it will try to give it a boost in the coming months with a new 60-second TV advert, as well as a host of other action via online means and social media.

A spokesperson for the charity has explained the thinking behind the campaign as a whole, confirming that the main focus is on on ensuring that the “lonely” experience that many cancer sufferers face can be eliminated with proper care and treatment, and greater investment in health care professionals.

The move comes after a 2014 that was very successful for Macmillan Cancer Support.The impact made by the Nobody Should Face Cancer Alone campaign saw the charity scoop the Brand of the Year Award, after it was chosen by The Marketing Society.

It was an award that was open to any organisation from any industry, making it even more remarkable that a charity was able to gather enough resources to lodge a campaign that saw it come out on top.

More than 900 marketing experts from a broad range of industries and backgrounds casted votes for the award, the ceremony for which took place last November.

Macmillan ramps up campaign in policy influence drive, Brand Republic

Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield