A London charity might want to use promotional products to help drive its resourceful new pop-up shop initiative.

The Octavia Foundation, which has 19 permanent shops across the capital, is appealing for more temporary shops to support its work, the Press Association reports.

It's on the hunt for empty premises in London which it wants to turn into temporary stores – and will offer a good deal for owners.

Once moved in, the charity will pay the shop's rates and utilities and will keep the shop in good condition, while still allowing potential tenants to view the premises.

Jenni Heavingham, the charity's head of shops, said: “When we hear about a possible temporary shop we move quickly. Typically, we view the shop within 24 hours, if it's suitable and we think we can raise money with it, we can arrange a licence agreement within a matter of days and will be up and running within a week.

“It means we can raise extra money to support our community work with very little investment but it also offers huge benefits for the landlord or letting agent.”

A great way the charity could get the word out about these pop-up shops is to get hold of some promotional items. It could print the location of the shops on some cheap promotional pens and hand them out across the capital – a great way to create a word-of-mouth buzz.

Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield