The new Thalassa Collection caught my attention this month.

Check out the Thalassa Ocean Pens that are available with see-thru coloured or solid white barrels; the white option has a coloured clip and plunger.

The barrels are made with recycled plastic that was ‘ocean-bound’ as it was collected from coastal areas and waterways prior to recycling.

These black-ink writers are ready to be printed with your logo from just 250 units.

One large orange pen and five smaller pens. One large white and red pen and five smaller pens.
Available in the same 6 colours, and again derived from ocean-bound plastic is the cover of the matching notebook. The Thalassa Notebook has a cover made from recycled bottles and the inside cover sheet gives more details about its journey to their desk!
Bottom corner of a notebook. Stack of multi-colored notebooks.
Each notebook has a matching-coloured elasticated closure and pen loop – and inside they’ll find 80 lined recycled sheets for their thoughts, notes and plans. We can print the notebooks from just 50 units, with the option to print the cover in full colour too!