Across Europe the original Media Clic Pen is BIC’s best-seller, each pen is made to order in Spain meaning they’re fully customisable (you can choose the colour of the barrel, clip and small ‘button’ to the top) to best suit your logo – plus there’s the choice of black or blue ink! And what’s more these printed pens are really robust with a click mechanism guaranteed to click at least 10,000 times and the clip is reinforced to withstand a force greater than 6.5kg!

In recent years BIC have created a version with a biodegradable barrel as well as one with anti-bacterial properties to help stop the spread of germs (and then there are the ones with snazzy ‘Glace‘ barrels too!)

But the headline today was my way of highlighting the Ecolutions version of the Media Clic!

These superb eco-writers have a white or black barrel that’s made with 92% recycled plastic CAR PARTS, and what’s more the both the barrel and clip (the clips come in 14 bright and bold colours) are 100% recyclable. Should you wish we can also add the Mobius Loop (that’s the uncommon name for the very common symbol of the 3 arrows looping back on themselves to show an item can be recycled) to your artwork – meaning they’d be a perfect solution to any eco-themed initiative or campaign.

multi-color BIC pens