It’s the day of the England v Wales match … so I’ll type quickly and post this pre-kick off!

I wanted to share a new product announcement with you and I had the headline ‘Going for Gold’ already written, my colleague asked if the post was a reference to the all-gold World Cup trophy, ‘if only I’d made that connection’ I replied that would have been last minute winner!

The item I’m building up to (there’s another football analogy) is the latest addition in the best-selling Ashford Water Bottle┬árange. This fab metal bottle collection comes in several finishes and there are both single-walled (for cold drinks) and double-walled (suitable for hot or cold drinks) options – so, you know – it really is end to end stuff!

The brand-new Ashford is a 500ml, double-walled style, and (like the trophy) is all GOLD* – and is simply stunning, and what’s more we can print or engrave them to suit your logo and preference and they’re available from just 25 units – we’ve got this one down as a real game changer!

*Ok, sorry, it’s stainless-steel with a gorgeous gold coating (I’m not actually sure about the real World Cup, who knows, it’s possibly the same!)

Gold insulated water bottle