Like many I’m on holiday today and I’m enjoying the long weekend with my family – there can’t be many folk who don’t know it is Good Friday but I wonder how many know it is also Earth Day 2011.

One of the ways to participate in Earth Day is to make commitment (large or a small) to better the environment. You can post your pledge on the Earth Day website and read pledges from people all around the world.

What did I do? A couple of weeks ago at nursery my daughter planted a sunflower seed in a small pot and this morning we transplanted the shoots into a bigger pot which is now out in the garden.

Companies are also encouraged to participate in Earth Day – a couple of years ago we had a plant growing competition in the office which was great fun; individual desktop garden plant pots are ideal for this and the packaging can be printed with ‘green’ environmental messages (or perhaps details of a grand prize for the best bloom!)