As we approach March – and on the back of the last 12 months – I, for one, am certainly looking forward to the lighter mornings and longer evenings.

We’ve been updating many areas of our range and think outdoor toys and games such as frisbees and beach balls may be sound promotional choices as we all begin to spend more time outdoors once again.

In addition cool bags, picnic items, bottle openers, blankets and reusable water bottles are sure to prove as handy as ever.

We’ve just added the new Cove Bottle to the range, these 685ml Tritan water bottles come in 7 great colours each with a stainless-steel cap and base and can be ordered printed with your logo from just 50 units.

And for those who wake early or struggle to nod off when it’s too light – check out our Sleep Tight Eye Masks!


Variety of Cove BottlesRed Sleep Tight Eye Mask