Just before Christmas 4imprint received Investor in People accreditation, as you can imagine we’re all were delighted to gain the accolade and proudly now display our certificate in the office and online.  This month’s Blue Paper is all about corporate culture. Corporate or workplace culture is the cornerstone of Investor in People; in a nutshell if you run a good team dedicated to its customers and everyone is happy, rewarded well, informed and able to contribute ideas, thoughts and discussion points – the business will flourish.

The Corporate Culture Blue Paper talks about branding and how that fits into today’s world of tweets and online discussion forums and gives the benefits of paying attention to your company’s ethos. It then goes on to detail companies that are considered to have amazing corporate cultures; had you heard for example that to ensure they have only staff who are committed to their company and its beliefs Zappos in America offer all new starters thousands of dollars to leave at the end of day one? or that Google have a person with the job title ‘chief culture officer’ and that when recruiting they’re not only looking for clever folk with degrees and technical skills but also to see if the new recruits are “googley”; which even they can’t define, but in essence it means they’ll fit in and offer plenty of ideas! It’s certainly a fascinating paper, so when you have 5 minutes to spare you should have a quick read.