2015 is certainly whizzing by and we’ve been extraordinarily busy searching for, selecting and adding new and exciting promotional products to our ever expanding range. So, although the year is beginning to draw to a close, the great thing about September is that we get to unveil our brand new seasonal catalogue!

This season we’re delighted to include 11 new bags in the catalogue – with even more online! Each selected based on its shape, print possibilities, colour options, lead-time and price point it’s quite tricky to pick a favourite, however, if put on the spot, we’d say the colourful Cinch Shopper that scrunchies up inside its own integral pouch (and is on sale too) is a contender alongside the natural coloured Eastwell Cotton Shopper that boasts a choice of trim colours – and is also on sale!

Alongside our extended bag range we’ve featured more Power Banks, Stationery, Notebooks, Sweets and Pens, please let us know if you’d like a copy!

Reusable Shoppers cinch shopper