Charities have been urged to draw attention to their work in a positive and entertaining way.

According to Lorraine Blackburn, a fundraiser and ambassador at Ickle Pickles Children’s Charity, promotion of the cause is “the key” to getting donations from the public.

This, she said, is because it helps to ensure people are motivated and enthusiastic about a group’s work, the Guardian reports.

“You need to make fundraising fun and enjoyable and to encourage those taking part in events and the charity to share their enthusiasm and raise funds,” Ms Blackburn commented.

She went on to suggest that charities show gratitude to those who have raised funds on their behalf.

Ms Blackburn said this is important because saying thank you “goes such a long way” and helps people feel they have “really made a difference”.

She suggested that fundraisers could be told exactly what has been done with their money so they can see for themselves where it has gone.

For instance, she revealed that when her charity purchases a piece of equipment for a hospital, it loves sharing this news with its supporters.

Third sector organisations were also encouraged not to be hesitant about broadcasting what they have achieved.

African Vision Malawi is one charity that believes they should not be afraid about shining a light on their successes, as it said they need to highlight the impact charitable donations have had on beneficiaries.

“Communicate about the positive things your charity has accomplished,” stated chief executive of the body Heather Palmer.

Charities were then advised to be as informative as they can to people who might potentially be willing to donate to their cause.

Sheila Lutchana, head of fundraising at Street Child Africa, said demonstrating their impact in this way could possibly show members of the public why a particular organisation is more deserving of their money than others.

“You need to show why it is so important that a donor chooses you over the next charity – what is it that you do differently?” she commented.

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Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield